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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Lovely" - Emme

Lovely by Emme Cover Art

Emme’s third single off of her upcoming album, “Lovely,” is here! This song is such a pop anthem for all the people pleasers in the world. She dives into her difficulties with finding her authentic self, wrestling with her insecurities and self-image. At the beginning of the track, she tells listeners she’s been hiding her true cards,” just changing [her] sound or [her] looks or [her] face” until she can make someone stay. She believes that somewhere along her timeline, she got twisted into believing “[her] identity lives above [her] bathroom sink.” Emme ends the chorus by sharing this heartbreaking line "And it’s sad but it’s true that the goal of my life/Is that people would meet me/And think I’m lovely.” In the second verse, she dives into the double life she’s living in. On the outside, she’s “out here pretending [she’s] got it all” but goes home to room and falls apart. Emme introduces her struggle with religion, saying she’s the girl at church who won’t swear “but spends Thursday night in her therapist’s chair.” In the gut wrenching bridge, Emme admits she believed “that the state of [her] heart’s only what people see,” and she was forced to put up a pretty wall to protect her heart. Yet, the sadness she holds will always be seen one way or another. Sadly, this is relatable for a lot of people out there, but it is wonderful to be seen in these lyrics.

“Lovely,” despite its sad lyrics, the production is generally upbeat.  This pop-rock track is a perfect balance between 80s ballad and 2010s pop anthem. Produced by Emme’s boyfriend, this track features driving piano synths lingering in the back for the entirety of the song and a growing intensity through the use of an electric guitar and drum fills.The crescendo in both the instrumentals and her vocals as the song progresses adds this sense of urgency and despair. The melody is gorgeous, and Emme’s emotions are seeping out so authentically. I can listen to this song over and over again, picking out different instrumental flairs each time. There’s never a moment where the production is minimal, and it beautifully accompanies Emme’s lyrics and vocals. 

Emily Dakin, professionally known as Emme, is a Canadian singer-songwriter. She is a recent graduate of MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada with a degree in recording and production. She quickly grew recognition in the Canadian music scene with her intelligent writing, haunting melodies and electro-pop production. She released her debut album, “Avalanche,” in 2022, an entirely self-written and self-produced album. She flexed  her versatility and capability as a songwriter, singer, and a producer. Off that album, tracks such as “Daisies” and “Downhill” hit local radio stations and generated a notable amount of streams, and “Avalanache” became a well-received project. In that same year, she was awarded a MusiCounts scholarship and a mentorship program. She continued her success in 2023, with “Ugly Tears,’ which introduced Emme’s new era. She followed that up with “Growing Pains,” where she flexed her songwriting skills and her ability to look inward and expose her thoughts and feelings. “Lovely” is the third single off of her upcoming sophomore album and it will be so exciting what journey Emme will take listeners on for this release.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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