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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Lovin Myself" - PAENDA

PAENDA never disappoints with her explosive dance-pop tracks. Every song has a sassy undertone while keeping the inspirational aspects alive and well. The confidence PAENDA exudes on each track is remarkable and irresistible. This confident vibe is the driving force behind her new track Lovin Myself. Lovin Myself is the Self-love anthem. The track is written for those of us who have a hard time feeling good about ourselves. PAENDA says to throw all those thoughts away and love who you are unconditional. Dance with yourself all summer long with this instant hit.

Abandon societal pressure to look a certain way and just be yourself. That is the theme of this track. PAENDA combines what she knows best in this song to bring you a speculative dance-pop bop. She is ultimately speaking from her own experience with self-depreciation but it is something that resonates with many of it. PAENDA’s main goal of this track is to remind herself and others to love the body the skin they are in and be comfortable with who they are. This powerful notion is accompanied by a combination of 808s and 80’s inspired synths. The track is a high-energy party that will boost your confidence and leaves you on cloud nine. The track will have you falling in love with yourself every listen.

PAENDA is a Viennese producer, musician, and singer. She began her journey in the underground electro-pop scene but eventually grew toward stardom. In 2017, she made waves by showcasing her new sound. She brought the classic EDM soundscapes of her underground era to the main stage but with a twist. She tweaked it a bit to give it her flair by adding a more carefree and light-hearted aspect to her tracks. This change made her stand out among the rest. This year she is releasing CALL ME CAT her first LP in four years which will feature Lovin Myself among other amazing tracks.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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