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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "low;" - Glooms x Baby AK

“Never felt this high, drowning in your tide.” This quote hit me like a wrecking ball. And no, I’m not just referring to one of Miley Cyrus’s biggest songs. I'm also alluding to the fact that ‘low;’ by Glooms and Baby AK slams you with sheer strength. It illustrates the raging tide of denial underneath the surface of someone who’s gone through a traumatic experience. This electronic trap-pop track is backed directly by powerful emotions; tapping right into the shadows of ourselves. We often think of the stages of grief as a linear progression, but they can also occur simultaneously. The overwhelming thoughts in our head that we try to’s like a war zone of feelings. I have to say, Glooms and Baby AK struck gold with this concept!

From the get-go, cleverly twisted synths and killer vocals designate Glooms' darkened heart as the soundscape. As booming bass lines alternate with EDM moments, every fiber of his mind is stretched to the limit. “What’s it like to feel alive? What’s the point to even try?” I'm amazed at the pure humanity in these lyrics! Glooms is on richly introspective quest to find the source of his affliction. He tries to seal away his emotions, but they all come rushing out. This conflict with his inner demons feels like an inescapable pitfall. That gut-wrenching sensation is so fricking relatable, that you’ll certainly find a line or two in here that explains your entire life! Seriously, WOW!

You’re not ready for the brutally honest work of LA singer-songwriter Glooms. It’s quite the trip! After several releases in 2019, he’s back with an ingenious take on the troubles of the heart. His friend, drummer and producer Baby AK, really knows how to draw emotions out of people with his prowess in the studio environment. Showcasing ‘low;’ with the world was a great call! The artists’ manifestation of grief is vulnerable yet styled with precision. Glooms’ upcoming EP is going to be so worth it. I can already tell!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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