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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "luv starved" - GAYLE

When I listened to ‘luv starved’ by GAYLE, I felt seen on such a deep level. She writes on mistakes that she made in past relationships and how that’s influenced her perception of genuine love. “I’m sick of being taken advantage of...are you feeding me affection or just a bunch of lies?” Sometimes you don’t want to believe that someone could truly love you without any ulterior motives. Out of fear of getting hurt, your instinct may be to push people away or do anything for their approval. For GAYLE, this resulted in the inability to distinguish love and lust. It’s so hard to feel loved when you feel like you don’t deserve it. This may be one of the most relatable songs you’ll ever hear!

A vibrant piano intro eases you into a euphoric pop-rock groove. Peace washes over you as GAYLE’s robust lyrics speak to your soul. “All this loneliness is getting so exhausting, sick to my stomach yeah I'm feeling kinda nauseous; and I can’t tell if it’s you.” As GAYLE tries to place her emotions, she takes your heart all over the place, mimicking the feeling of love. In a bold move at the end, all the autotune and vocal effects are stripped back to reveal the fervent passion and raw emotion that GAYLE is known for! The therapeutic feel of this song will motivate you to give yourself the compassion you deserve rather than relying on others to get it!

The 17-year-old pop sensation that brought you the smash hit ‘abcdefu’ has just released her debut EP ‘a study of the human experience volume one’. From a young age, GAYLE's been immersed in the songwriting scene in Nashville. She's gone on to capture worldwide attention for her awe-inspiring vulnerability and brilliant, sultry sound. If I were to describe GAYLE in my own words, she’s a blessing for the brokenhearted. Her self-reflections move you in a way that you’ve never experienced before. If you haven’t yet heard GAYLE’s music, get her on your radar NOW!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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