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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “m.i.a” - Breigh

We all remember the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were all quarantined in our houses with no physical communication with our loved ones. It was extremely isolating for nearly everyone. However, some people decided to turn their emotions into art to help comfort them through the worst parts of the pandemic. Breigh is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter, and wrote her debut single “m.i.a” during the pandemic to help her feel less anxious alone! Probably one of the biggest highlights of this song is the lyrics. “Haven’t heard from me in days, I love being M.I.A.” I think as far as debut songs go, this one is really strong and well-written. I really do feel it conveyed a lot of the emotions I know me and my loved ones all felt during that time!

This song has a lot of really interesting elements that really helped to draw me in deeper with each lyric. For starters, this song has an extremely catchy beat. Despite the message behind the song, it’s upbeat and energetic! The instrumentals alone really help to push away the negative emotions. I had the urge to get up and dance… more than once! I want to go back real quick and talk more about how this is Breigh’s debut! For a debut artist, Breigh has a voice that’s so incredibly unique and captivating, and it made the song that much better to listen to. A big part of making it in the music industry depends on how your vocals can hold up against others who have been releasing music for years. I genuinely believe that Breigh has the potential to go really far. This song exceeded every expectation I had!

Breigh is a singer and songwriter based in New York City. She has a lot of new stuff coming out following the release of her single, “m.i.a”. For starters, this song is only one of many on her debut EP, Manifestations of a Pop Star. Breigh is a star who has been heavily influenced by pop music and pop culture, and it shows! She has the sound of artists like Charlie XCX and Olivia Rodrigo, but her sound is still uniquely her own, which I think makes her stand out. “m.i.a” is only her debut, but rest assured, Breigh is going very far in the industry. I can’t wait to follow her journey as she releases more music!

Written By Isabel Mays



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