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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Made For You" - Lisa Curtis

Capturing the intricacies of young love, Lisa Curtis has released a poignant and reflective ballad with the single "Made For You." Curtis explores the complex emotions that come with early adulthood, showing how easy it is for young adults to find themselves confused and losing their sense of self. Love can play a major role in this loss of self, depicted by the song's narrator as she shows she is willing to do, say, or change anything for the person she loves, even if that means losing herself in the process. Ultra-relatable, "Made For You" is perfect for anyone who has struggled with these emotions or has fallen victim to this mindset.

Moving and vulnerable, "Made For You" begins exposed and soft as Lisa Curtis belts the opening lines. The track starts with an ethereal, synth-laden soundscape, supporting Curtis' lush vocals. About a minute in, "Made For You" shifts into a compelling power ballad, featuring symphonic drums and flowing piano lines. Building and building, the song draws inspiration from rock ballads, incorporating heavier drums and guitar riffs to push "Made For You" to its climax. Curtis' voice masterfully soars over the thickening soundscape, each note teeming with emotion as the song reaches its close.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Lisa Curtis is an up-and-coming pop singer/songwriter. She debuted in October 2021, releasing her first single, "Hand Me Downs" and later her first EP, Too Hard For You. Initially recognized for her songwriting on TikTok, Curtis has now amassed several million streams of her music. Her single "Gasp of Air" went viral on multiple platforms, garnering over 2 million streams. Curtis' raw songwriting style has earned her a loyal following, bringing a heartfelt audience together. Some of her popular releases include "Gasp of Air," "Hand Me Downs," and "Never Gave Up."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson


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