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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Madly” - Mimoza

"Madly" is a self-worth anthem. In the track, the artist sings about never settling for being second best. The single is about being ready to love someone "madly" before realizing that they were not being treated as they deserved. Her sound is similar to Maren Morris's except less country and more pop. Mimoza is able to convey this important message of self-love in a catchy song that will have listeners dancing and singing at the top of their lungs

The song begins with low and smooth vocals, a beautiful piano playing softly, and low synths. She is then joined with a guitar and it is simply mesmerizing. Mimoza layers different elements to create the perfect pop song. A highlight of the track is the harmonized vocals singing "I" before the final chorus. These vocals show Mimoza's wide vocal range and are the climax of the single. Overall, this is a gorgeous catchy song with phenomenal vocals and an amazing melody.

Mimoza is from Los Anegeles, California. She is a singer-songwriter who has written multiple hit songs for other artists. Mimoza began her musical journey at 17 years old. The songwriter likes to explore self-love through her music. She also is a proud Albanian who released "Young Queen" as a love letter to her country in February of 2021. The vocalist has not yet released an album but she did release her first single in November of 2017 titled “Big Girls Cry”.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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