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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Mango" - Fifth Lucky Dragon

On his phenomenal latest single, "Mango," Fifth Lucky Dragon unravels through ear-worm pop and a winding trail of confessional lyrics. The production ramps up into a brighter and groovier backdrop as creator, Louis Imperiale, springs from concrete assertions to hazy expressions. His deliver remains as jubilant as ever, sweetening even the most vulnerable offerings. The sticky-sweet instrumental recalls dance-floor-ready synth pop of the 80's; the songwriting, however, giving it a modern twist. Remarking on cultural apathy, social anxiety, and vulnerability, "Mango" covers a tremendous topical ground without feeling cluttered. Each idea is ripened and blended effortlessly to paint a unified and complex picture of young adulthood.

Throughout "Mango," Fifth Lucky Dragon use their more tangible lyrics as launchpads into 'vibe'-fueled imagery. The effect is a puzzle box of a pop song that is as catchy on its first listen as it is rewarding upon closer engagements. "I just want to forget 'bout the things I have to do / Turn my floors to trampolines / Levitate right through the roof." The chorus goes down smoothly, but has enough substance to chew on. What he is escaping remains unclear, but the missing pieces add to the broader picture's impact. There is no easy answer to understanding Imperiale—he knows this better than anyone. "Don't hit me with your small talk / If you ever want to know me," he advises as much as objects. He's not dissuading us from solving the mystery at his core: he's inviting us to try.

Fifth Lucky Dragon is the creative, pop project of Louis Imperiale. His magnetic charisma is married perfectly with his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer. Named after a Japanese fishing vessel which encountered nuclear fallout from a U.S. Hydrogen bomb test, the band's naming is a testament to Imperiale's introspective depth beneath a cheerful exterior. Fifth Lucky Dragon began releasing music in 2019 with his debut album, "Asymmetric." In 2021, he released two, four-track EPs titled "Implicit Script" and "Truth Be Sold" "Mango" released alongside a contagiously fun music video featuring the singer bouncing on a trampoline surrounded by neon lights.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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