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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "MASOCHIST" - Thomas Day

Typically, you would probably expect a song about heartbreak to be more of a slow, depressing ballad. In these sorts of songs, the slowness and dark nature contributes to us feeling the same pain as the artist. What makes Thomas Day so special as an artist is that he can take his own heartbreak and create an upbeat, and catchy tune while still allowing us to feel the rollercoaster of emotions he probably felt in the situation. His newest single “MASOCHIST” is about a girl he fell for so completely and quickly that he didn’t even think about the pain. To him, in that moment, the potential pain losing her could cause was nothing in comparison to the way she was making him feel. This song is about letting go of the pain and embracing the moment while in love.

A soft guitar beat brings us into the first verse of the song. Day begins to sing with one-word descriptions followed by a full lyrical connection that keeps us, as listeners, fully engaged in this song. He says “I like the way you’re cruel,” and despite the song’s darker title, it is incredibly upbeat. It’s the kind of song you play on a sunny day on your way to the beach, blasting the extremely pop-esque chorus as you drive down an open road. The second verse shows Thomas's crisp and clear voice as he continues to sing about the object of his affections, who continues to hurt him despite how much he is falling for them. This is what makes him a masochist. With the bridge, Thomas hits an impressive range of notes that will blow you away.

When Thomas was nine, he knew that music was the thing he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He brought his young ambition to life in musical theater productions. Now, at just twenty years old, he has captured millions of fans and has a very impressive career. With almost seven million TikTok followers and over 200,000 on Instagram, it’s safe to say that his music has absolutely taken over the younger generations. Thomas’ career was first put into the spotlight with TikTok, but he sealed the deal by signing with Arista Records in 2021. It is with them that he’s been doing what he loves, which includes his singles “The New Me” and even more recently “Wildflower.” We have no doubt that Thomas will continue to do big things in the music industry!

Written By Molly Schiff



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