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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Maybe It's Love" - Jess Meilman

Maybe it’s pop gold. From the first note, pop lovers are drawn to this song. Pair that with Jess’s voice and you have an instant hit on your hands. The first verse begins “Thought it was going nowhere” which lays the groundwork for this song that deals with the all-too-familiar thought pattern of a person who can sense their falling for someone and wondering how and when it happened. Meilman has described the song as being inspired ‘from a place of finding peace in a world of “maybes”.”  And also notes that “Maybe choosing to love and be loved is the bravest thing we can do.” Love is ever the taboo subject, but songs pertaining to it are always welcome to hopeless romantics. The back and forth between your head and heart and level of vulnerability that love requires is enough to have everyone questioning whether it’s the real deal and worth exploring.

The guitar knows how to strum away at our hearts. Meilman’s vocals are as sweet as honey as she sings about budding love and the doubts that come along with allowing one’s self to feel. This song is riding-in-the-car-and-putting-you-in-your-feelings approved. As a sucker for love as well as love songs, this resonates with me because the lyrics evoke the feelings of love, stating “You make me feel like it’s a weekend on a Wednesday when we sleep in.” Although this song is laced with “maybes”, literally, the lyrics still allow the listener to feel what the narrator is feeling with examples and the thought process that they’re going through. She lists out all of the possibilities “Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s lust, maybe we’d last long enough to lose the trust.” She continues “Maybe it’s wrong, maybe we’ll both get hurt”. But she also acknowledges “Maybe we’re afraid of the chance that we could work.” So, at the base of all  the doubt is the realization (and fear) that the relationship could work, and that, perhaps, that is the most fear-inducing alternative. Although the song see-saws between wondering if it’s love or nothing, it does end on a more optimistic note with the line “Maybe it’s love” being sang once again as the guitar closes the single.


Jess Meilman is a 25-year-old American LA based, New-York born singer and songwriter. In 2021, Meilman made the decision to quit her 9-5 job and pursue her music career full-time. Meilman’s soundscape can be described as soulful, indie pop fused with R&B.  Meilman released her first single "Guilty Soulmate" in 2022 and has been consistently releasing pop perfection since then. She lists the likes of Tori Kelly and SZA as her musical influences and has amassed a healthy social media following. She currently has over 10,000 monthly Spotify listeners, over 3,000 Instagram followers, over 180 YouTube subscribers, over 8,000 followers on Tik Tok and over 200 Twitter followers. You can tap into the Valentine's Day feels and check out “Maybe It’s Love” as well as Meilman’s other amazing tracks and follow for future endeavors at the links below!                                                                                                                                              


Written By Keiunna Thompson



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