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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Mediocrity " - Greta Isaac

Sometimes we have a hard time coping with change. Moving on to bigger and better things means you must sacrifice some or all of your old comforts. Sometimes, that fear alone is enough to keep our feet frozen in place. Is that really the best decision? You could be missing out on many great opportunities. In her song, Greta Isaac reflects on her fear of change and settling for mediocrity.

One thing I liked about the song is the folk-sounding guitar. The minimal instrumentation blended in great with Isaac’s rich, velvety voice. With that, I liked her harmonies on the chorus that begin with the words: “slowly I’m losing my mind…” The chorus ends with the words, “swimming in my mediocrity.” I thought these were powerful lyrics. Everything is staying the same, yet Isaac is implying that she’s still feeling overwhelmed.

Isaac is from the United Kingdom. If you liked “Mediocrity” and want to hear more of her, you should listen to her other song called “how are you not freaking out?” Similar to “Mediocrity,” this song also has a simple guitar melody. Additionally, she sings about being frightened of change. This time, she is referring to the world around her. My favorite line in the song was, “humans are so f**king weird.”

Written By Kelli Dixon



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