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  • Adelae Norwood

Review: "Meet Me On The Lake" - Emma Miller

“Meet Me on the Lake” by Emma Miller deals with loss, grappling with grief while learning to accept the loss without moving on entirely. It’s very aptly structured; the melody and production amplify the aforementioned themes while maintaining a dreamlike soundspace. The song is hauntingly beautiful, demonstrating Miller’s artistic prowess while retaining its artistic integrity.

The song is ethereal and slightly melancholy. Miller’s graceful vocals are backed both by a vocal overlay and echoing piano notes, eliciting an atmosphere that is achingly melodic. Her poetic lyricism adds to the ambience of the song as well, demonstrated in lines such as “Meet me on the lake/Meet me in the night sky/Meet me when I’m at home lying awake.” In the song Miller deals with loss, continuing to search for and call out to someone who’s gone, mourning their loss while working to accept it. This can also be seen in the line “For it’s you I’m dreaming of/And I know you’re the one giving me the strength to move on.” Here Miller voices a very particular kind of peace wherein she is aware her loved one is tangibly lost but maintains a sense of hope that they’re still with her in some way.

Emma Miller is a Scottish-born musician based in London with a 1st class honors degree in Songwriting. So far she has received support from BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio Scotland, features in Wonderland, Clash and the 405, and has successfully sold out her previous headline shows as a solo act. In 2022, Miller dropped her very first Music NFT. On August 26th the limited run of 10 Music NFTs dropped and sold out in under 48 hours, sending Miller to no.11 in the Music NFT charts wherein she surpassed Snoop Dogg. Considering that Miller is one of the only artists in Scotland to be releasing music on the blockchain, the NFT was given its radio premiere by the Roddy Hart show following the drop. Recently, Miller supported Israeli singer-songwriter Uri Sade at his London headline show in September and will be returning for a number of shows in November. She will also be announcing shows in Edinburgh, her home city, near the end of the year.

Written By Adelae Norwood



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