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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Merry Go Round" - RIDI

Life is just a culmination of the same problems reiterated in different forms. As we grow older, our minds change, but our issues don't. We're all connected by the same struggles, and how we approach them is just a sign of what we've experienced before--we learn and do because of our past. This idea is portrayed in "Merry Go Round" by RIDI. It's about experiencing all our emotions, happiness, heartbreak, and feeling alone-- all of the ones that make us human. We're going round and round like on a merry-go-round when it comes to our lives, and we have to understand that this is just what makes us human in the end.

This newest track, "Merry Go Round" by RIDI, is refreshing and bouncy, a pop production with vulnerability lying at its base. The meaning is profound, talking about our emotions and how we choose to process them as we grow older. In the song, RIDI sings, "I've seen this story go round and round/All the people they speak/But they don't know what they mean". She's talking about how she feels like she's been through these issues before, how everyone is giving advice, but really, you have to live through it and process it in your way--it's how we learn to deal with it later. She takes inspiration from her Indian heritage with this song, blending it within the sound and the visual of the music video for the track.

RIDI is a talented Swiss-based pop artist, anti-bullying activist, and engineering student-- she does it all. She has her foundation named "Stop the B" to encourage people to speak up against bullying using their platforms and was invited in 2021 to speak at the UN World Anti-Bullying forum. She's talented, active, and passionate about what she believes in, which extends to her music. She's versatile and artistic, showing through her newest release, "Merry Go Round" her skills in blending the mainstream with the vulnerable side of herself, channeling emotion for her fans to relate to.

Written by Jane Katryn



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