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  • Victoria James

Review: "Miracle" - Natalie Clark

When life throws obstacles your way, it’s easy to feel discouraged and down, but it’s best to have hope that things will turn around. All you may need is a win, big or small, to lift your spirits and remind you that life is worth living. Natalie Clark’s song “Miracle” is a song that brings hope to people who may be down on their luck but don’t want to give up. She sings to the people trying their best but needs a push to get back on track. Truthfully, we all have those moments, but hearing the ballad is a gentle reminder that someone acknowledges, cares, and wants us to win. If you’re going through a dark time, “Miracle” might be the miracle you've been waiting for.

The song starts with an uptempo guitar and Natalie Clark’s vocals. She has a unique voice that draws you in. The hint of a rasp in her soothing voice adds a bit of an edge to her. The song picks up for the chorus, increasing both energy and hope for listeners. The emotion-filled chorus meets the expectations of an epic ballad. The melody behind her powerhouse vocals allows listeners to soak in her writing and singing capabilities. Everything about the song is uplifting and healing. She paints a vivid picture with her compelling narrative and stimulates a soul-stirring performance with powerful synths. You can feel Natalie Clark’s emotions as she sings her inspirational message with a riveting voice. Her tone is just as strong as the song makes us feel.

Natalie Clark is a Scottish singer-songwriter who moved to the U.S. to pursue her dream career of singing, writing, and playing music. Natalie’s previous role as a teacher came to an end when she accepted Richard Branson’s invitation to sing at a BBC Radio 1 Academy session in Glasgow. Since moving to the States, Clark has opened festivals, toured the country, and was named a ‘Hot 100 Live Artist’ in Music Connection Magazine. Her music has been featured in several Netflix shows, including Insatiable. She was even selected to open for the Indigo Girls tour. When she’s not on tour, Natalie Clark records music in Los Angeles.

Written By Victoria James


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