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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Miss America" - Bazzi

Bazzi is back and better than ever with his new single, “Miss America”. Released just in time for the 4th of July, this song is full of fun lyrics and incredible synth beats. Bazzi sings about a beautiful woman that he is smitten with. He is obsessed with her and the things she makes him feel. In the chorus he sings, “’Cause I think you’re Miss America// Causing teenage hysteria// Oh you got me, oh-oh you got me// Goin’ crazy”. This woman that he is singing about is so incredible that she causes everyone, not just him, to go mad. Bazzi is the lucky one who gets to be with this woman. He has revealed that this song is extra special for him because it is the first project he has released that represents his current state of life. “Miss America” is the complete opposite of his last single, “Will It Ever Feel The Same?”, which embodied the feelings of heartbreak and melancholy. The happiness and excitement can be heard in Bazzi’s voice throughout his new song.

Bazzi knows how to create a beat that is memorable. After just one listen, “Miss America”, will be stuck in the listener’s head for the rest of the day. The catchy synth beats grab their attention, leaving the lyrics looping over and over. Creating a song this infectious is not an easy task, and Bazzi does this effortlessly. The music video for the song is just as outstanding. The video is a fun take on beauty pageants, such as the Miss America Pageant itself. The music video is filled with notable celebrities and models, such as Dylan Sprouse, Barbara Palvin, and Yovanna Ventura. The music video is as energetic and lighthearted as the song. It allowed Bazzi and his friends to let go and have fun. The video was no doubt fun to choreograph and film. Bazzi knows how to entertain his fans and has successfully launched his new era of high-energy pop music.

Bazzi is a pop singer-songwriter from Michigan. He relocated with his dad to California during his senior year of high school. Bazzi has several RIAA certified platinum songs, as well as his debut album, Cosmic. His song, “Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello)” is 4x platinum certified. Bazzi has nearly 14 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is ranked as the 355th most streamed artist in the world. He has an abundance of successes to his name. Now, he is focusing on his future by creating new music for the world to enjoy.

Written By Karlee Smith



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