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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Miss Know Nothing" - Maddie Ettrich

“Miss Know Nothing” is Maddie Ettrich's newest single and is the embodiment of longing for simpler times that will never return. It is simply the best representation of that full-bodied pining for a version of yourself that you can never get back. Pinpointing the ennui of nostalgia and naivete, Ettrich’s soft vocals and instrumentals create a beautiful, heart-wrenching song that makes you want to sit next to a cool, rainy window and think of how those happier days are far past you now. Summer nights, youthful mischief; “Miss Know Nothing” knows exactly what you want again.

There’s just something about “Miss Know Nothing” that has me playing it on repeat. It’s all soft and nostalgic with that precise pang of yearning. The instrumentals are absolutely phenomenal in driving home its vibe– the strings and percussion are calm and consistent, forming such a strong backbone for the song. And even then, they’re super catchy and so hummable. The songwriting, too, is just what you’d want from a song like “Miss Know Nothing”; each verse and chorus flow into one another, creating this stream-of-consciousness, memory-type of song. It’s a collection of remembrances and an ache for the past; as the song goes, “I miss you, Miss Irrelevant.” The lyrics are just so relatable and universal– they capture such a strange, liminal feeling that strikes on late nights and empty evenings.

Ontario-born singer-songwriter Maddie Ettrich makes pop music like you’ve never heard: raw yet powerful, personal to the core, and oh-so catchy, each song is a new soundscape with that perfect touch of Ettrich’s personality and style. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ettrich’s music draws on her personal experiences from parties, love, and days long gone, hitting that sweet spot of relatability. Her debut single “Decaying Candles” was released in 2022, and her debut EP “I Think the Party’s Over” dropped in 2023. A brilliant blend between softness and passion, longing and fleeting, she manages to combine all the best bits of modern pop. “Miss Know Nothing” is her most recent release and is the first single of an upcoming project, so keep your eye out for it!

Written By Alexa Leung



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