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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "miss u" - Lyncs

“miss u” is an ode to best friends and midnight drives. Lyncs wrote her latest single after moving away from her hometown to pursue her dreams in Los Angeles. Once she was there, she began to miss her childhood best friend and realized they would never have the same late-night adventures again. The touching song recalls the times they shared while they were still young, with no responsibilities. In the chorus, she sings, “What fun it is to joke that we’re gonna die young// Sixteen living like we’re kings// Until seventeen when we know what it means// I’m gonna miss you.” When it was just the two of them growing up and having fun, it was easy to take these moments for granted. Now that the two of them are living their separate adult lives nearly 3,000 miles from one another, they realize what those moments meant to them. “miss u” is an enchanting track that evokes a feeling of nostalgia in the listener and makes them want to call up their best friend. Lyncs wants to remind her fans that “sometimes friends are just a phone call away,” and she knows that her best friend is always there for her too.

Lyncs instantly grabs the listener’s attention with the intro to “miss u”. The special effects create a sound that mimics driving down the highway with no traffic. This unique effect immediately transports the listener into the mind of Lyncs and the nostalgic drives with her best friend. This effect is paired with the gradually increasing production that builds throughout the track, making the song go from “0 to 85 miles an hour.” The synth beat found steadily throughout the track is soothing to the listener and makes the song a dreamy escape from reality. By the end of the song, additional instruments are added that perfectly compliment Lyncs’ mystical voice. As the song fades out, Lyncs continues to sing the hook, “I’m gonna miss u,” leaving the listener with a sentimental statement that compels them to call up the one person they miss the most.

Jacqueline Hynes, better known as Lyncs, is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She made her debut in 2019 with her single, “Waiting For You”, which earned a place on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. Her most recent release, “Prom Queen”, has been featured on American Songwriter and Spotify Editorial Playlist, ‘Today’s Singer-Songwriters’. She has opened for artists such as Young The Fiant and New Vices and has collaborated with GOLDHOUSE on a remix of her song, “Evergreen”. Currently, she is working with collaborators, Keith Varon and Rob Ernst, on her upcoming EP.

Written By Karlee Smith



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