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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Miss You in New York" - Jaime Deraz

What started off as a love note to the city her relationship bloomed in, has become a colorless letter to listeners of the relationship that has now wilted. In her electrifying alternative pop single, “Miss You in New York,” Jaime Deraz dwells on a past relationship that both started and ended in her beloved city, New York. From kissing on the train and sharing cigarettes walking in Greenwich Village, to people watching alone on the High Line, the song is a reminiscent journey through a relationship that once was. Its powerful first pre-chorus, “Cus this city lost its color/ I see everything in black and white/ We were blinded by each other/ Couldn’t see all of the exit signs,” encapsulates the feeling of falling head first for someone in different places, not realizing that one day those places will hold a chrysalis of memories you can’t forget. “Miss You in New York” is a trip through the city, with a musical track that is as bittersweet as the core of the colorful kaleidoscopic Big Apple.

“Miss You in New York” is consistently hit by maverick waves of electric synth beams, illuminating the song’s beautiful lyrical melancholy throughout the entirety of the track, “Shared love for you but you had to spend it/ Now I’m broke and on the floor/ Now I miss you in New York.” These words are empowered by the music and are infiltrated to the listener’s heart through Jaime Deraz’s sweet and smooth alto voice. Though the music and lyrics act as polar opposites, there’s something in the synthetic production that has a hint of an optimistic tone. Yes, lyrically she misses him in New York, but there’s hope in the upbeat, heart-pounding drums that the city of lights will penetrate through her heart and heal it for good.

Jaime Deraz is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, who has the gift of crafting emotionally raw lyrics based on her real-life experiences. Her emotional pull doesn’t only come from romantic relationships, but also from her familial relationships. Once as a caretaker for her mom who struggles with a motor neuron disease, Jaime takes her emotional pain and vents through her music. As an influential artist within the music industry, Jaime Deraz has released 150 tracks since 2019 with an over 17 million total stream build-up. Her music has been featured on many Spotify editorials like Dance Rising, New Music Friday Deutschland and New Music Friday Switzerland. Her musical impact doesn’t only stop at being featured on global editorials and releasing songs with major labels, but she also has a foot in the corporate door. Having co-founded the record label, faded BLUE, Jaime also acts as an executive director of the company. With her prestigious accomplishments, Jaime Deraz is the perfect example of what it means to use your platform to be a positive influence. Her hope for her music to reach people around the world and act as an outlet for those who have experienced emotional trauma is just the icing on the cake.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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