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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Modern Man" - MORGXN

What is a man? The way society defines a man doesn't truly align with how the world works today. A man can be defined as anything today, whatever the individual feels makes them a man is just that. No one has to be confined to the barriers of societal masculinity. Morgxn’s new track Modern Man takes a look at what a man in the modern age looks like to him. Being a man doesn't have to be this toxic archetype anymore. You have the freedom to be whatever kind of man you want to be.

The track opens with an orchestral take on a classic 70s disco-fueled soundscape. The strings continue with a funky bassline underneath. Morgxn’s vocals come in full force belting the lyrics in a sharp and powerful tone. The track is a powerhouse, it empowers the listener to feel safe and comfortable in their skin. The music video released with the track gives a powerful representation of the different types of men there. the video features Nashville drag performer and activist Vidalia Anne Gentry. seemingly pushing against Tennessee and the country's disdain toward drag. Morgxn makes it extremely clear with his lyrics that modern man is free from the gender binary and allows themselves to be whoever they choose to be.

Morgxn is a Nashville musician but an activist as well. Using his music as a form of activism he has created a safe place for his fans. Morgxn has experienced toxicity in his life and doesn't want the same pain for others. Morgxn's dedication to this safe space has morphed from creating catchy and empowering tunes to something different. Recently Morgxn has teamed up with other names in music to bring justice to a Nashville teen, B Hayes. This teen was denied entry to their prom for wearing a suit. Morgxn used his platform to shed light on this and showed his fans his activist nature.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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