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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Mommy Issues" - Jules Paymer

What do you get when you mix Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”, Hayley Kiyoko’s “Girls Like Girls”, and a whole lot of grunge angst? Jules Paymer’s dangerously thrilling and latest pop-punk single, “Mommy Issues”. The single reflects on when Paymer found themselves involved with an older woman. Maybe it was for the experience - or maybe it was a way to heal wounds left by their mother. Either way, the accompanying music video is bound to make the artist your next crush and forever hopeful that therapy could involve physical intimacy in the future. Until it does, listeners will just have to fantasize through Paymer's song.

“Mommy Issues” feels like the logical aftermath of Paymer’s “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted (feat. Miki Ratsula)”. Growing up in a home environment where a parent loves the idea of you rather than who you actually are leaves a profound impact. It makes a person yearn to be seen as they are. And if they cannot get this visibility from their parent, this emotional need will be fulfilled in a different area of their life. For our artist, this fulfillment came later in life in the form of an enticing older woman. The opening verses make it clear that Paymer is physically separating themselves from any resemblance of the life their mother had and wanted for them. They’re not interested in a home with “a white picket fence” and “a pool”. But this older woman has got them changing their mind – “playing house” might not be so bad after all. This leads into the guitar driven chorus that makes a listener miss 90s grunge, as Paymer admits that messing around with the older playmate is drawing attention to their own parental troubles. They bring up an important point in the following verse: “I’m really trying to recover / But don’t wanna heal too soon / The second I get over it / then I’m not under you”. There’s a misconception within the greater dating scene that you must be completely healed from any and all mental and emotional distresses before entering into a relationship. This notion forgets that some past hurts run too deep and will always linger. What’s needed to enter relationships is emotional maturity; despite the satirical nature of the single, “Mommy Issues” highlights that having self-awareness and a commitment to being honest about your issues can build a strong foundation for a relationship.

Native Los Angeles resident, Jules Paymer, has been dropping nothing but bops since coming onto the music scene in 2021. Their debut single “Therapy”, set the tone for the artist’s prolific discography and what’s to be expected from them: singles filled with emotional relatability, catchy choruses, and themes centering on interpersonal relationships. While Paymer doesn’t have any live performances scheduled as of right now, listeners can be updated about future performances here. But thankfully listeners don’t have to wait too long for more music. Their upcoming single “Girls Will Be Boys” releases on June 15th, at 9 P.M. (PST) – clicking on the song’s title will take you directly to the pre-save page for it so you can be notified of its release. If you’re a little impatient like I am, you can support Paymer by buying their merch that they upcycle and handmake themselves – and the “Mommy Issues” shirts are too damn cute to pass up on. As always, if you’ve enjoyed Jules Paymer’s single as much as I have, show them some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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