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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "More Fun" - hanna ögonsten

It's always sad to think that we're missing out on something. We always want to be in the know. It is why social media is so popular--it's the fastest way of getting our information. We want to feel as if we're a part of something and seeing an event or conversation we're not a part of makes us feel like we're out of the loop. FOMO is real, so hanna ögonsten talks about that in her new track "More Fun". It's part of her debut album, a track with a moody undertone that drags us in and hypnotizes us with her airy vocals.

Listening through hanna ögonsten’s new album "Bby Boo, Ögonsten, & You" we're brought upbeat, groovy, laid-back, indie-pop, and even sassy confidence within the tracks. But as we meet "More Fun" we're faced with an alt-pop track with RnB influences. "More Fun" is like a fun surprise within the album, embracing us immediately with the chorus about how we might feel like we're missing out but telling us that we can still have "More Fun". The lyrics are honest, the inspiration coming from Hanna speaking directly to her friend to make the verse which includes the inviting words, "The grass is greener/You got to see it for yourself".

In Åkersberga, a suburb outside of Stockholm, hanna ögonsten started her music journey. She began making music at an early age, delving into learning guitar, piano, and production from her bedroom. Her vocals are engaging--with her various tracks, she shows us a snippet of her range and entices us to feel the music she releases instead of just being a passive listener. With "More Fun" being part of her debut album, she released four other tracks-- three of which being singles already out before the album's release on August 19th. Each of the songs, "Show You", "Bang My Head", "Rockstar", and the main track "Goodbye My Darling", which includes a stunning music video, are all equally stunning and are guaranteed to take you on a musical journey like you've never had before.

Written by Jane Katryn



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