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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "My Forever" - John Long

A child obsessed with romantic movies and songs is bound to become a hopeless romantic as an adult; I’m living proof of that. Grand romantic gestures have undoubtedly become my love language. I adore random bouquets or trinkets just because they’re reminders of me. Surprise tickets to see my favorite musicians or plays. Going on spontaneous but well-thought-out getaway trips to places I’ve been dying to visit. My most prized possession is even a letter a former flame wrote to me - a testament to my fondness for grand romantic gestures. But the most opulent romantic gesture would be to have a love song written about meeting me like John Long’s 'My Forever'.

The catchy single details how Long knew his now wife was the one he wanted to be with “forever” when he met her. ‘My Forever’ opens with a bouncy rhythm accompanied by the occasional finger snap. During this, Long describes the anxiousness he experienced when he met his wife to the listener; he was “holding on his hand like a nervous wreck / [and] hope she didn’t notice". Being confronted with the possibility of the person at hand being 'the one' is anxiety-inducing. And while some cannot handle the anxiety, Long fully embraces it. The listener notices this embracement when the rhythm suddenly incorporates a banjo – transforming the sound and giving the pop track a wonderful folksy influence. Long sings the chorus with gospel-like vocals to emphasize this unique sound, and doing so demonstrates how freeing a love like this can be once you have overcome apprehension.

The song was initially an entry submission for a contest hosted by Fiverr, but Long now has it released for all to hear and become smitten over. The single is just a little taste of what is to come from the talented artist; his album ‘Zealous’ will be released on May 6th and can be pre-saved riht now. On top of being a singer and songwriter, John Long is also a studio engineer and owner of Arrow Point Studio in Greenwood, Missouri – just right outside of Kansas City. If you admire his sound as much as I do and consider yourself an aspiring musician, consider creating some magic with John. And who knows, maybe he'll help you produce a love song for your sweetheart, too.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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