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  • Megan Cao

Review: "My Love" - Klary

“My Love” is a seductive pop anthem about the excitement of love. Love is a passionate fire, a chilling whirlwind of a snowstorm. It allows you to sink to the bottomless depths of the ocean or the irrefutable heights of the sky. Klary encompasses all of these feelings with an upbeat electronic dance track. When you’re with your lover, you can’t help but feel content and joyful at simply being in the same presence as someone who reciprocates your feelings.

Klary uses a pulsating electronic bass to set the atmosphere of her song, seductive and fun. Though she seems like she’s playing coy, she affirms that her lover had her hooked from the first moment that she saw them. Looking to include modern pop-flavors, her song is creating a buzz amongst pop lovers and enjoyers. “My Love” sets the benchmark for Klary’s creative persona and aura, showing that she can blend pop, rock and R&B together into an atmospheric soundscape.

Born in Germany from an Indonesian mother and Austrian father, Klary moved to Itay at a young age where she spent most of her life before deciding to move to London in 2018. Inspired by the Backstreet Boys at the age of 4, Klary started her singing career in 2011, collaborating with other artists and performing mainly cover songs. Over the past years, she’s been part of several bands and acoustic duos, but in 2021, she decided to spread her wings and released her first single as a solo artist, “Love Again”. Klary’s cultural upbringing and versatility is one of her strengths, and one that she seeks to emphasize in her music as she continues on her journey as a solo act.

Written By Megan Cao



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