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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "my youth" - Harry Taylor

Love is a freefall, asking us to dive headfirst into the unknown and give every part of ourselves to see it to its peak. It's enamoring and addictive--one of the reasons so many people want to experience it, and it's a feeling like no other. Being in love with someone takes over your entire being, your mind only filling more every day with the idea of them, their little habits, and everything else about them. Falling in love with someone so profoundly takes you on a rollercoaster that you never want to get off. Harry Taylor writes about this overwhelming feeling in "my youth", a song that describes falling in love to the point of wanting to give them everything.

Youth is something that so many strive for-- but it's a fleeting time that we're told to cherish because we'll never get it back once it's gone. In "my youth" by Harry Taylor, he describes being willing to give up his youth, the thing everyone is vying for, for love. With production inspired by early 2000's rock bands, the track fills with drums, electric guitar, and an unmatched story of passionate love. "my youth" is a song that leaves you wishing you had a love to take over your life. It's a love designed to be on the big screen, people desperately trying to earn the love of one another and building up to be the story of a lifetime.

As an Italian artist working in Brooklyn, NYC, Harry Taylor is a dynamic singer, songwriter, and producer. He started releasing music in 2019, starting with his track "Train Crush" and since then has released four more songs, including this newest release, "my youth". His sound is special--taking from a range of genres like electro-pop to the 80's new wave, a unique representation of what he's capable of. Harry Taylor aims to share his stories through his music and connect to a greater audience. He's been using his guitar to express himself since middle school and has grown to incorporate music production to achieve his goal.

Written by Jane Katryn



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