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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Myself" - Georgi Clarke

The breakup catalyzing "Myself" is intentionally left vague. In the debut single from Georgi Clarke, the Cheshire-based singer/songwriter is more focused on asserting her self-assurance than wallowing in the past. Pulling from the styles club and disco, "Myself" is an infectious and extremely danceable pop track serving as a mantra. The attention and space she gives to her own self-love in lieu of the loss of a connection proves to be a productive and mature process of healing. The result is more than just a "glass-half-full" perspective: it's an artist taking control of her narrative.

The prechorus is a lyrical slight-of-hand. "I found someone to love who never let me down," implies a fresh relationship, getting over an ex with someone new. Before the chorus breaks through, however, she reveals the truth. "I choose myself / I love myself." It is on this level of sincere appreciation for herself that Clarke's lyricism can feel personally revelatory. Informed by a culture obsessed with finding esteem and security in a significant other, she constructs a refreshing alternative that critiques this custom merely by holding a mirror up to it.

Georgi Clarke is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Cheshire. Her talent as a multi-instrumentalist and musical arranger led her to release "Myself" as her debut single. No future releases have been confirmed yet. Her goal is to release infectious pop music that expresses her bubbly optimism. The danceable pop music soundtracks her positive lyrics meant to uplift listeners.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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