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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Narcissist" - Denis Coleman

Is there such a thing as seeing too much of yourself in someone else? In ‘Narcissist’, Denis Coleman ponders this and details the ecstasy and uncertainties of a new relationship. First off, I think the title is absolutely genius. What’s interesting is that you often admire the things about others that you love about yourself. In that way, you become more infatuated with your own character. Second, that special “click” when you mesh well with someone is simply a rush of euphoria, which this song gorgeously embodies. You’ll lose yourself in the melody and experience an almost psychedelic vibe that you’ll never want to leave!

This pop-rock tune starts off with a zestful electric guitar motif that works wonderfully with the hi-hats and drum kicks in the background. The use of reverb on the synths and vocal harmonies works wonders for the otherworldly feel that Coleman is going for. Not only that, but his classy lyrics take a breathtaking dive into how romance can distort your perception of reality. “When you're in my mind...I wanna swim in the projection, hyper surreal vision of heaven.” He’ll wow you even more with his chameleon-like lead vocal., especially in the bridge. Here, he swaps in trap influences to create a brand-new hook! Bonus points for the trippy music video. It’s just (*chef’s kiss*) magnificent!

Denis Coleman is best known for his emotionally intuitive songwriting, where he creates entire new worlds for listeners to explore. From creating violin melodies at a young age to putting his education at Royal College of Music on pause to launch his pop artist career, he’s come such a long way! He's come so far in fact, that he’s been gaining extra buzz recently as a supporting act for Little Mix’s final arena tour. He’s previously opened for acts such as The Vamps, HRVY and New Hope Club. Now, he’ll be headlining his own tour hot on the heels of his incredible new single, ‘Narcissist’! He’s certainly got my follow!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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