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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Narcissist” - Gold Steps

There’s nothing worse than gaslighting and manipulative people who like to worm their way into our lives. I’ve met my fair share of narcissists, they’re not great people to know. Thankfully, there’s now a killer song that I think sums up my feelings to a tee. “Narcissist” is the latest single by the band, Gold Steps. It accurately represents how people can go from treating you as an equal to treating you as someone on a lower level than them. I liked this song, especially the instrumentals, which I’ll discuss next. I also liked that the lead singer added a “Na, na na” before “narcissist” in the chorus. It sounds super cool.

As I previously stated, I liked the overall sound of this song. It has obvious punk energy, and a bit of pop, too. There were some really cool electric guitar riffs throughout the whole song. Paired with the energetic lyrics, this song gave off a vibe similar to that of the early 2000s. I hadn’t heard a song like that in a long time, so I had fun listening! I think Liz Moritz, the band’s lead vocalist, has the perfect voice for this kind of music. Something about it reminded me of old-school Avril Levine, I’m obsessed…

Gold Steps is a Milwaukee-based band that has been releasing music since 2016, with the release of their debut EP, Louder Than Words. Since then, the band has released multiple singles and even two albums. They have a pretty consistent fanbase, with their music getting around 11,000 monthly streams (1 million total!) on Spotify alone. They have performed for various events, including tours with artists like Stand Atlantic and Charlotte Sands. They have also made appearances playing at different music festivals like Summerfest and So What Music Fest. Gold Steps has made a lot of really fun music in the past few years, so I’m really excited to hear everyone’s thoughts on their new single! Go stream “Narcissist” now!

Written By Isabel Mays



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