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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Nearly Always You" - Addie Coons

“Nearly Always You” by Addie Coons is the story of a journey through love. A journey neither seems to wish to take but is almost unavoidable. She discusses the fear of commitment when in a relationship, or wishing to be, with someone who fears commitment themself. “Nearly Always You” is an exemplary title reflecting this message. Of course, it is always them, but she can’t quite say that. Unrequited love is a popular subject of heartbreak songs, but what of requited love that can’t be more than that? This is the story of trying to find where to place her love. It is evidently personal, with lyrics detailing instances of affection as well as coldness. The song places emphasis on the idea of hiding emotions, but does it in a way that is itself emotional and vulnerable. “Nearly Always You” brings the listener nearer and nearer to Addie, and perhaps themselves.

The song begins with a soft piano, which Addie then begins singing over in a similarly gentle tone. This continues for a while as she reflects on moments of her endearment, reflecting the storytelling nature of the piece. When the chorus begins, there isn’t a major change in audio or an overproduction of sound effects attempting to make this portion of the song seem moving, instead, with only a change in her voice and a slightly louder instrumental, it is moving on its own. Her voice is so strong, it captures this moment alone. There is another brief period of imagery and stories with that familiar piano, and then her second rendition of the chorus starts. At this point, the listener hears a break in the usual instrumental for a welcome surprise of electric guitar that seems to flow with her singing. These moments provide clarity on the true strength of her feelings, the remainder of the song is of course honest but it is here, in the most screamable, beautiful moments of her song, that makes it so emotional. She then finishes by introducing that perfect title for the first time “Every thought in my mind is nearly always you”.

Addie Coons is a young artist, with “Nearly Always You” being her first Spotify release. A junior at Zionsville High, she’s immersed her life in music to the extent she can at her age. She participates in the school band, most recently playing trumpet for their broadway world nominated rendition of Into The Woods. She participated in the all state jazz ensemble, the Zionsville show choir, and other live performance groups. Though, clearly, her most admirable skill is her voice, she is vastly talented in several instruments. She plays, as seen in her contribution to band, the trumpet but also the acoustic and electric guitar, and piano. Her Tiktok features samples of this as well as vocals, be sure to follow her below and keep up with Addie Coons as she continues her journey into the world of songwriting she’s begun.

Written By Hailey Schap



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