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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Never Feels Real" - Joost Laméris

It's never easy to have a relationship fall apart, let alone experience the feelings that come along in the repercussions of the break up. To feel a sense of longing for a person is painful, and even knowing they won't come back hurts more. It can feel hopeless, and a little numbing. The feeling is something that Joost Laméris captures perfectly in their new track "Never Feels Real." The track draws images to mind of hues of blue, which Laméris has used in the tracks artwork.

The track is synth-pop based, and brings in an atmospheric vibe. The instrumentation makes use of guitars, synths, and the sound of shakers. Laméris utilizes his voice as an instrument to help divide the chorus with layers and layers of "oohs" that sound vivid in an almost angelic way. The lyrics delve into the topic of feeling lost after a relationship has fallen apart, "I am waiting // And waiting // And searching // For someone // So long." Laméris also describes trying to rediscover themself, "Inhaling who I've been." The chorus discusses the topic of feeling numb to reality, "It never feels real without your sound // I'm ready to loose our common ground // It never feels real till I have found // A road where I know you're not around." Laméris even describes the feeling of breaking apart because of the fear that it was you who caused the rift, "I am breaking, patiently // Going over every step // The sky won't open up // And I'm still closed off // Standing in nobody's land // The rain on my cheeks // Close the feelings // Of the tears I shed for you // Over and over again." Laméris finally comes to the realization at the end that maybe this was all for the best and that things will get better, "If I keep racing // Maybe I'll outrun my shade // And I'll forget how heavy it weighs // Cause I can't go back again // To take the chance I know that we have missed // It's like we needed this."

Joost Laméris is an up-and-coming synth-pop artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Joost got his start by self-producing, and releasing three singles back in 2021. "Never Feels Real" is the first taste of his new music. It was recently featured on Spotify NL's "New Music Friday" playlist. Laméris is planning to drop his debut EP later this year, and is currently working on the visuals to go along with it. Laméris has a exciting year to look forward to!

Written By Kyle Stiver



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