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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Never Going Home" - Noelle

The best company you will ever have is your own. No one else will get you the way you do. Sometimes, we forget that. Get caught up in our relationships and forget to love ourselves. This summer there is no room for that. We are celebrating ourselves and moving on with a better attitude about life. Leave that relationship that is holding you back and just let go. Noelle’s track Never Going Home is the anthem for those of us who want to celebrate after leaving behind a less-than-perfect relationship.

Noelle wants you to dance like no one is watching while enjoying her new track Never Going Home. The dance-pop break-up anthem has a raw unapologetic feel to it. Noelle keeps the light of the song alive with her light-hearted vocals and carefree lyrics. She details her love for her newfound freedom and the joy she describes is more than contagious. Never Going Home is a track meant for the dancefloor. Combining an 80’s synth technique with the bass-heavy disco vibes creates a genre clash that is decadent to the ear. The track stays on replay as you can’t help but dance and sing along feeling just as good as Noelle does.

Noelle is an indigenous performer who grew up in the Tyendinage Mohawk territory in Ontario Canada. She was born into a musical community where music became her first language. From a young age, Noelle was singing and learning her voice was powerful. She began by posting covers on her Youtube channel but began writing her songs soon after. She has since amassed an incredible following and released many incredible tracks. Music has always been therapeutic to her. She brings that aspect of her sound to all of her fans with each song she releases.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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