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  • George McSherry

Review: "New Earth" - Lily Wolfe

Lily Wolfe's debut single 'New Earth' sinks you into an oddly reassuring state of melancholic comfort. The fresh track details our ability to find morcels of hope in desperate situations, finding the fuel reserves we need to change our stars or at least a new vantage point. Organic in feel, 'New Earth' is comparable to the warm yellow light of a candle's flickering flame, the melody reassures but the poignant lyricism can burn if you get too close.

Soft hums and acoustic guitar strums lead you into the song's embrace before we are introduced to the fine-tuned, nuanced production that makes seamless use of ambient minutiae that bring a rich fullness to the single. A slow crescendo builds as layers of vocals and drums come into the mix before returning to the stripped-back production that keenly highlights the key vocal and acoustic guitar.

Lily Wolfe is a singer-songwriter based in Brighton, United Kingdom whose debut single has introduced her as not only a producer of soothing sounds but also as a thoughtful lyricist. Akin to the earlier sounds of Wild Child, Lily's acoustic storytelling sound could also be readily compared to the likes of Maggie Rogers. She cites some of her inspirations as Hayley Williams and Lizzy McAlpine.

Written By George McSherry



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