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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “New Love” - Liam Jones

"New Love" is a catchy synth-pop song that listeners will love. In the recently released track, Liam Jones uses beautiful lyricism and his smooth voice to describe the pain of heartbreak. The artist also sings about wanting to move on from a toxic relationship by finding a new partner but feeling like his ex is still trying to pull him into their unhealthy cycle of breaking up and making up. Ultimately, this song is a chill synth-pop song that will leave audiences waiting for Jones' next single.

The single begins with a quiet countdown before the nostalgic synths begin. A highlight of the song would have to be the instrumental after the choruses. After each chorus, the artist has a dreamy melody playing while he layers vocals of him singing "ah" creating a hazy atmosphere that matches the nostalgic 80's vibe his music has. Jones also has a smooth voice that complements the heavier lyrics and elevates the relaxed electronic instrumental.

Liam Jones is a Los Angeles-based singer that was born in Guatemala. Ever since Jones was a child, he had a passion for music that he pursued by learning how to play different instruments making music a creative outlet for him. The artist's music has a nostalgic 80's sound. The musician has only released two songs. His debut single is titled "Nice Guy" and was released in August of 2022, his second single titled "New Love" was released in October of 2022.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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