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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "New Year's Kiss" - Ella & Sienna

South Australian sisters Ella & Sienna have just released their new single, “New Year’s Kiss.” This track is an emotional journey that reflects themes of heartbreak and romance, after seeing your ex dancing with someone else at a New Years party. The girl's start off the song describing one of their exes, saying he’s wearing a polo t-shirt and blue jeans. With this description, they feel like nothing has changed with the two of them, except that they’re no longer together. The girl's are embarrassed to see this ex, saying “If I knew you were coming, I wouldn’t be here.” They put up a front when this ex asks them how they’ve been, and notices his new girl. The girl's in the chorus pose a question: “is she gonna be your new year's kiss?” They feel as if they’re getting left behind, but they know that this guy is “wishing that those were my lips.” In the second verse, Ella and Sienna see this ex dancing with his new girlfriend, but they can’t help but realize he keeps looking over at them, and second guesses his belief that he got closure. The girl's repeat the chorus again, they ask a series of questions about this girl in the bridge. They want to know if she’s going to be his valentine, if she’s going to be his first hello and last goodbye each day, and if she’s going to be there for the rest of their lives. This song is almost a bittersweet goodbye, even though the girl's know that he isn’t ready to say that.

Ella & Sienna perfectly blend elements of pop and folk into this predominantly country track. The sound starts off with a nice synth and beat to set the scene. It sounds a bit like a song that would actually be playing at a New Years Eve party. A beautiful acoustic guitar is introduced later on in the song, which leans into the more folk and country vibe of the song. Both Ella and Sienna are incredibly talented singers, and their harmonies and vocals mesh wonderfully in the chorus. They make their low notes and high notes seem effortless and sweet. At the end of each chorus, they do a half time breakdown, which adds a bit of a nostalgic and pop feel. Most importantly, the narrative perfectly works with Ella and Sienna’s vocals and the backing track.

Ella & Sienna are a sister duo from South Australia. They cite their inspirations as Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift, which is seen in their country and folk sound and their skilled songwriting. Even though they only started releasing music in 2022, they’ve already made a large impact on the Australian music scene. They were featured on Season 11 of the Australian version of The Voice, where they sang “cardigan” by Taylor Swift and “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. The girls have performed at Semaphore Music Festival, Country by the River, and Fleurieu Folk Festival, and have performed alongside Australian singers John Schumann and Amy Sheppard. Their accolades include winning Most Popular Country Artist in the South Australian Music Awards 2022 and were finalists in the Folk Alliance Australian Youth Folk Artist of the Year two years in a row. Their debut EP, “Seven Ways to Say You're Fine” was released this year, which features “Next to Mine”, “Save”' and “Don't Call Me,” which earned them praise from major country radio stations like ABC Country. This sister duo will continue to flourish as their catalog grows and is sure to impress the music world for years to come.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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