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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Next Chapter" - Liam Benayon

Everyone has known a person who thinks they’re just too smart for their own good; Liam Benayon’s “Next Chapter” is no different, which was inspired by a guy who had constantly and incessantly sent Benayon the books he was reading with an air of pseudo intellectualism. With cheeky lyrics and a beat that worms its way directly into your ears, “Next Chapter” is a sonic sensation. Every verse is a bold callout of this guy– his ego, his pretentiousness, and his need to overanalyze Lana Del Rey lyrics. “Next Chapter” is for all the folks who have suffered at the hands of a man who annoyingly thought he was the next Oscar Wilde, George Orwell, or literally any dead literary critic.

“Next Chapter” truly is a quintessential pop song; when I think “pop,” I imagine energetic, bubblegum-pink beats and lyrics about stupid boys and love lost and gained. Benayon manages to be all of these while simultaneously maintaining his own style of pop through mixing synth, dance-pop, and an electronica voice. The mixing in this song is no joke– it’s full of everything that makes pop “pop.” Benayon’s songwriting is also super fun; I particularly enjoyed the little bits in between the chorus and verses where the narrator complains about this guy, saying, “No, like he keeps sending me her new album/I don’t care!” The song is full of little snips like this, such as when the narrator teases the ex by pretending to want to hear about the latest book he’s reading or the newest Lana release, making fun of the ex's overinflated ego and supposed smarts. I think Benayon sums up this guy perfectly with one line: “I don’t really think we need a next chapter.”

Formerly on the producing and songwriting side of the music industry, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Liam Benayon is a new, fresh, and eclectic voice in the shimmery world of pop, offering a unique musical experience wrapped in all the glitz and glam of synth and dance-pop. His debut single, “Don’t Call Me At A Party,” released in 2023 and was shortly followed by his second single “Next Chapter.” And while he’s new to performing live, he certainly knows how to entertain: he's charmed crowds at PRIDE Toronto, YYC Live, and Breaking Sound in NYC. Like these high-energy performances, his music is no different, being nothing but fun and cheery with just the right amount of attitude. “Next Chapter” is Benayon’s latest release, but I’m sure there’ll be many more chapters to come for this rising star.

Written By Alexa Leung



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