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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "Night Driving" - Lindsey Sampson

"Night Driving" by Lindsey Sampson is a song that will make you feel uplifted after you listen. It is a sweet love song that will make you think of someone you love dearly. This track is about loving someone so much that you want to show all of yourself to them and spend all the time you can with that person. The sweet lyrics and soft instrumental put a smile on your face. I love the meaning and songwriting of this song; it feels unique and refreshing. I especially enjoy the detail of using the pronoun "she" for God, that might be my favorite part of the song.

Sonically, this track reminds me of Regina Spektor and Colbie Caillat. Lindsey Sampson sings about a happy relationship that is going through some trouble. Lindsey Sampson writes about her love very sweetly. It is a sweet message that, despite having had some turmoil in the relationship recently, you still love them no matter what. No matter how many disagreements you have, you are still in love and want to spend all your time with them. There is beauty in every part of a relationship, even when you have to lay down your armor and shield to show them parts of yourself you usually conceal.

Lindsey Sampson is a Boston-based progressive Christian and posts about her ideals and spirituality on her Instagram account. Her faith is an important thing to her, but so are her ideals. Lindsey has an affinity for books, attributing a whole Instagram story highlight to her reads. She has a YouTube channel where she has posted covers and original songs and has been doing that off and on since 2016, her last post being published in 2020. Lindsey describes her sound as a little bit country and a little bit indie.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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