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  • George McSherry

Review: "Night Stretches Through" - Róisín O

'Night Stretches Through' curates a sonic vibe that occupies some curious space between 80s art pop a la Kate Bush and more modern acts like The 1975. The upbeat and catchy nature of the track lends it the versatility to be played on road trips or in the kitchen, but really any space where you can move to the music and release some tension singing the punchy and poignant pining lyrics, tailor-made for emotional catharsis.

The syncopated drum and bassline foster the energy that carries the brightness on the song. The buoyant and powerful vocal performance shows off Roisin's effortless range, while the melancholic lyricism is juxtaposed with the uplifting musicality to paint emotional turmoil. That turmoil was inspired by Roisin running into an ex on a night out, leaving her with that pit in her stomach while everyone else had fun. I'd say she channeled her emotions effectively in releasing 'Night Stretches Through'.

Roisin O is an Irish singer and musician who made an official entrance into the music scene with her 2012 album The Secret Life of Blue, followed quickly by an impressive support role on Lionel Ritchie's Irish tour. In spite of the gap between her 2012 release and her newly unveiled sophompore project, Courageous, Roisin O has certainly left fingerprints on the music industry, releasing a healthy collection of singles and EPs all while offering support to acts including singer Mary Black and rock-group the Coronas

Written By George McSherry



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