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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Nightmare" - Sarah Anne Fernandez

Back at it again with a new single, Sarah Anne Fernandez released "Nightmare" today on January 13th for all to hear. According to the artist, "This single explores the idea of finding confidence and being just a little petty after a messy breakup”. With her new release, Sarah is turning a breakup anthem into something powerful. "Nightmare" takes those feelings of anger and pain that others know all too well after a breakup and fuels them into a song that leaves listeners empowered. With lyrics like, “You can go and daydream with someone else but know that I'll be in your nightmares to give you hell”, Sarah has a powerful electronic pop song with a haunting chorus and a catchy melody.

Following her debut single “Drowning” comes this up-and-coming pop artist's second original single. In "Nightmare" Sarah is letting others know to watch out because their nightmare might just be her. Sarah's powerhouse vocals take the lead in this single along with Intimate and vulnerable lyrics that help capture post-break-up feels. One of my favorite things about this was the clever use of angry lyrics throughout. "Nightmare" opens with “I wanted to be your dream, but nothing with you is as it seems”. Sarah continues this narrative and creates anticipation for the chorus to follow. Her new release covers all ends of an unsuccessful relationship as she acknowledges If you want her back it'll be too late and you won't find another like her before her hard-hitting line at the end of the song as she sings, "Every day without me is living hell”. Sarah is often recognized for her Broadway-style singing, however, there's no doubt that she can also provide impressive vocals and range for pop music as seen here.

Sarah Anne Fernandez is a singer, songwriter, actor, and musician based in New York City. Sarah's powerful vocals have been heard across many stages and live performances throughout the years as she has played leading roles in many Musicals over the years. Most recently she toured the country starring as Elphaba in The North American Tour of “Wicked”. When it comes to her own music, Sarah is known for her storytelling and honesty which relates well to those who listen. Her music style is influenced by artists such as Taylor Swift, Paramore, Lady Gaga, and Phoebe Bridgers. It wasn’t until 2021 when she was first recognized on Spotify for her pop-punk remix of Olivia Rodrigo's well-known single “Deja vu”. Almost exactly a year later, Sarah released her first original song, “Drowning”. Each of these singles gained thousands of streams on the platform. Her latest single “Nightmare” is Sarah’s third release on Spotify and you can listen to it now!

Written By Jenna Barton



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