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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "No Angels Below" - Soren Hansen

“No Angels Below” is Soren Hansen’s latest individual release, its statement as a more personal, more independent piece is followed through in its lyrics.  The song is about letting go, and the fear of doing such.  Hansen speaks a warning of and reports ‘ups and downs’ and holds a consistent anxiety seen in the title that there are no more angels.  The intimacy of the piece, though found in any of his songs, is here a particular nostalgia based on the way the story is told- that is, in the context of a familial conversation.  This in itself, the childlike nature of it, ties again into his ever present theme of moving on.  The missed person needs to be let go, as does this aged conversation about them.

The piece begins with a beat that immediately wraps in the listener, catchier in sound than the themes it introduces.  Covering the depth of the lyricism with an irresistibly cinematic introduction.  To set the scene of a conversation, Hansen starts singing by addressing his audience, a personal one, his mother.  There is no slowing into this or telling the story chronologically.  With the resting pain of this loss the only words that can be said about it must be immediately shouted- and Soren does this.  His voice is a powerful echo, reminiscent of Hozier or his inspiration, gospel.  Every ounce of this story is as heart wrenching as its first note, whether due to his beautiful lyricism or shattering voice.  

Soren Hansen has been creating music his entire life, and with the turn  his career recently took, it seems he always will be.  Hansen was originally a co-founder of the ever popular band, New Politics.  The group toured and worked for over a decade, releasing five albums.  Honing skills from each area of music (production, vocalism, songwriting, etc.), Soren left his home of Denmark and entered the field of background work in Nashville.  He would be behind the scenes, songwriting and producing, creating for others.  But, the appeal of the stage snuck back on him this year where pieces of the work that he hung onto were put together into his first independent album titled “Soren Hansen”.  

Written By Hailey Schap


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