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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Nobody Loves You Like I Do" - Rachel Newnham

It can be very difficult to be in a relationship where it feels as if you’re being underappreciated, and your needs come after others. When you love someone so much, it can lead to you caring for their every need and neglecting your own. It’s one of the risks you take when you fall in love and leaves you needing reassurance from your significant other. “Nobody Loves You Like I Do” by artist Rachel Newnham is a beautifully vulnerable track that discusses these complications in a relationship. The song explores emotional complexity in a deeply moving way and it is clear that Rachel Newnham is a true writing talent. Her vocal performance as well stands out in the song, as it is sweet and smooth. “Nobody Loves You Like I Do,” tells an interesting story that is musically executed in the best way.

The song starts off as a simple piano ballad that eventually begins to build upon itself. The beat added during the pre-chorus gives the song I little more kick and changes the direction we think the song is going in. The transition into the chorus is quick and it doesn’t steer too far off from the song's pace or sound. The lyrical content in the track paints detailed images of different moments in the relationship where the speaker looks back on times when they are completely devoted to their partner. The song builds up more toward the end and does well in wrapping up everything to create a nice ending to this story. Overall, “Nobody Loves You Like I Do” is a great track and it shows the level of talent Rachel Newnham has.

Rachel Newnham is a singer-songwriter from London. After trying to get into the drama scene, she eventually ended up on the BBC 1 gameshow, “I Can See Your Voice.” She gained a lot of attention from the show, additionally, she got up to the top 10 in a Tate McRae songwriting competition. She has gained quite a bit of popularity on TikTok, having 1.2 million likes on the site. It is clear that she is very proud of how far she has been able to come from where she began. “Nobody Loves You Like I Do” is Rachel Newnham’s debut single so we’re getting to see her at the start of something big. She definitely is an artist you want to look out for due to her incredible talent.

Written By Chantal Charles


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