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  • Megan Cao

Review: "noose" - Bankston

“Noose” is a modern pop-punk jammer undercut with the steady pulse of trap. Starting from the bold title, the rest of the song is just as stark in comparison. Singing about a lover who takes and takes and takers, Bankston’s lyrics like “I wear my necklace like a noose just to get her attention” provide commentary on the sort of person who is much more concerned with the amount of attention that is received rather than the type of attention. It’s clear that no one should ever hurt their own mental or physical health for others, but the toxic pathways that the person reference’s mind takes them only view all attention as positive. Bankston’s honestly sarcastic lyrics add a bit of humor and self-actualization to the listener, evoking them to listen and consider whether they’re surrounded by people who put a noose on them or not.

Bankston opens the track with a bang, from its dreamy beginning lulling you in, to a sudden muted electric guitar riff that’s then accompanied by trap 808s and drums. Bankston’s fusion of trap and rock is most evident in the catchy chorus, with mini climaxes systematically hitting the audience over and over again until we can’t help but sing along too. The heavy basslines and crisp hi-hats only accentuate the driving energy and raw power of rock, resulting in Bankston’s explosive and catchy track. Bankston cleverly ties into rock’s traditional themes of rebellion with his individualistic rebellion about someone who’s used to getting their way through any way possible.

A man of many many talents, Bankston is an artist, a producer, a writer, and an engineer who has worked with the likes of Noah Cunane, Franz Roz, Kid Baron, Azealia Banks, and much much more. With this wealth of experience, Bankston only recently began to work on his solo career, releasing a small number of tracks to a wide amount of praise, reaching more than 10K+ streams. This year, Bankston takes up an admirable endeavor, pleading to release a new track within two months. Hearing the outcry from his fans last year, Bankston’s newest genre-breaking single has us counting the days until his next masterpiece is released.

Written By Megan Cao



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