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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Not A Problem" - Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn has the natural talent to convey honest vulnerability in her songwriting while maintaining a sense of confidence that radiates throughout the track. With “Not A Problem”, Dawn exemplifies this reflective storytelling by expressing the somber thoughts that wrestle in her mind. A major theme within the track is not wanting to admit weakness, but acknowledging that giving in to ignorance may lead you down the wrong path. In the second verse, Dawn paints this idea beautifully with the lines, “I could rewrite the darkness that came through my family line// But the truth is I find comfort with the shadows in the room// And the monster in the corner ain’t as scary when it’s you.” Dawn admits that her family history has a grim foundation, alluding to the lyrics in the pre-chorus: “Think I’m becoming my father// Got a little too drunk.” There are things from her family that she recognizes as dark. There is a piece of her that wants to end this harmful pattern, and change her future. However, she confesses that fighting with her genetic predispositions may not be what she truly wants, and she seeks the familiarity of her troubled past. In the end, she recognizes that these demons she is facing now are not of her familial past, but of her current self that does not want to admit her flaws. Furthermore, Dawn realizing that the “monster” is not an outside force commanding her to be afraid, but rather a personification of her own fears, provides comfort in the darkness. “Not A Problem” is an incredible addition to Dawn’s discography, providing fans with yet another relatable track to cling to during life’s hardships.

True to Estella Dawn’s unique artistry, “Not A Problem” is an ethereal track with a flawless production and heavenly vocals. The listener is instantly captivated by the angelic piano and the soft synth notes at the beginning of the track. When the pre-chorus begins, the production shifts to an infectious pop melody with simple synth beats that adds focus to the vulnerable lyrics. Then at the chorus, the production completely unfolds with the steady drums and the angelic vocal harmonies. With Dawn’s exceptional voice, she effortlessly guides the listener through her emotional journey. In the last line of the second verse, she uses her lower vocal register that sends chills throughout the listener’s body, bringing emphasis to the meaningful lyrics. Then in the bridge, she switches up to enchanting falsettos that take the listener by pleasant surprise. Her vocal switch further enhances the emotional element of the track, demonstrating Dawn’s passion for the words she is singing. Every aspect of the production is remarkable, but Dawn’s unique and powerful vocals drives the point home. Her vocal range and distinctive voice are one of the many reasons fans fall in love with her, and her honest songwriting and catchy production are only the icing on the cake. “Not A Problem” will remain in the hearts of listeners and leave them craving for more outstanding releases from Dawn.

Estella Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand, now based in California. Her music does not stick to one style, but rather mixes the sounds of multiple different genres to create her own. In 2018, she made her debut with her first single, “Feet". She released several singles leading up to the onset of the global pandemic. During quarantine, she took the time to hone in on her sound and capture her true essence within her music. That year she released 10 original singles every six weeks, defining her impeccable ability to keep audiences engaged with anticipation of her next masterpiece. Since then, Dawn has released several more incredible singles and she continues to release music that reels in thousands of listeners.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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