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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Not Up To Me” - Druzy

“Not Up To Me” is a funky pop single. This track is about throwing caution into the wind. Throughout the number, the vocalist sings about taking a chance and living life to its fullest with exciting instrumental complementing her carefree message. True to the singles title, the singer declares that the results of being reckless are not up to her. Overall, in the song, both band members are able to show their strengths to make a disco dance bop that listeners will love.

The song begins with a lot of energy, that stays throughout the track. The singer, Brianna Conroy, has a smooth voice that accompanies the fun dance melody. After the second chorus, the vocalist shines. During the bridge, she showcases her vocal range with breathtaking falsetto notes that are highlighted by the slower melody that is present for the bridge. After the song picks up pace again for the final chorus that ends the song with the same high energy that it starts with.

Druzy is the creation of Brianna Conroy and Luc Alexiades. This band released its debut single, "Violent & Vacant" in April 2015. They later accompanied that track with two other songs creating their first EP. Although this band has released multiple singles and EPs they have not yet released their highly anticipated album. "Not Up To Me" is a part of the duo's latest project titled, "Roll The Dice". This EP is a collection of 4 tracks that all share the same fun upbeat vibe.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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