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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Nothing Hurts Better" - Lorelei Marcell

‘Nothing Hurts Better’ by Lorelei Marcell isn’t about what you think it is. On the first listen, you might think this is about relationship drama. However, the more subtle surrounding soundscape tells a very different story. It paints a stunning picture of separation anxiety, which Marcell experienced following her move to Los Angeles. “Wasn’t the first one to fall...something always goes wrong; you know how I am on my own.” Being away from her family and friends was a huge change, undoubtedly tough. She fell in love with the city, but she often tried to downplay her insecurities intertwined with this massive life change. Even so, she was incredibly determined to figure it all out. Marcell’s resilience comes into sharp focus here!

There are so many facets to this masterpiece of a song. First, Marcell’s sultry vocals feel so enlivening! She has this raw determination to succeed, and she’s unafraid to push through and embrace her anxiety. Second, I absolutely love the subtle build-ups in the background. Feel-good synths later become supercharged by rhythmic guitar and trap beats. Then, the stripped-back bridge is beautifully emotive and provides clarity on Marcell’s deep-seated emotions. Finally, the lyrics SLAP! “Nothing feels the same way anymore...never gonna stop this back-and-forth; nothing hurts better, loving you like that.” She doesn’t shy away from her discomfort. Rather, she reframes it as motivation to keep going despite the difficulties. Marcell gets so real with you and it's truly something special!

If ‘Nothing Hurts Better’ has taught me anything, it’s that Lorelei Marcell is a powerful independent artist who’s not afraid to be her most authentic self. Stepping into a new chapter, her R&B-influenced indie pop sound is backed by a hefty dose of realness. She lets her emotions ground her; inspiring her and others to excellence. Since releasing her breakout hit ‘Losing Myself’ in 2019, Marcell has grown exponentially as an artist and as a person. I have a good feeling that she’s only going to go above and beyond from here!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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