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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Nothing Left To Lose" - Julia Alexa

“Nothing Left To Lose” is about all that has been lost. It’s Julia Alexa’s latest release and it is a heart wrenching piece filled with ingenious lyricism breaking down the hypocrisy in losing everything except what you want to most. “If I fell in love with my sadness would it leave me too?” she asks, she is pleading to rid herself of what burdens her and is in the process only burdening herself with more loss. The concept of losing people after opening up to them is a heavy one here, but the truth of it is, those who leave after hearing those feelings don’t take them as they go. She wishes to give her heart and her troubles to others and finds again and again that those feelings are the only thing that stay.

The song begins with a melancholic piano and a distant echo in which Julia whispers on repeat, “you don’t have to hate me, I already do”. Needless to say, it sets the tone for the particularly depressive song. When her voice becomes louder, the music becomes more modern. Her theme of vulnerability is reflected when, again, her whisper joins the background music. The lyrics feel like a diary entry, the way she responds to herself in this echo and states her understanding of her pain. The pace increases as she falls into these words more and more until finally she states “I rip out my own heart till there’s nothing left to lose”, and on that “lose”, the music smooths over and it’s a purely emotive chorus where she seems to want nothing left. The song leaves off on another rendition of this.

Julia Alexa has been making music for a long time, she grew up playing the piano and singing. She began investing in her abilities, though, at just thirteen when she started taking singing lessons, which were evidently a worthwhile pursuit. She started to make her work public in 2019, first by posting it to YouTube. It took only a year or so before she was making a name for herself in her genre and collaborating with other artists. Now, she’s 21 and holds over 230k listeners as well as upwards of 40 million streams on her Spotify. Amidst this success, Julia stays working, she’s currently studying pharmaceutical science and putting together an album that’s to be expected sometime this year. Stay updated by following her below and stream “Nothing Left To Lose”.

Written By Hailey Schap



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