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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "notice you" - myah

Stylistic storytelling queen myah is back with a new single for the summer, "notice you". This upbeat pop tune takes us back to long nights with friends and first love. It exudes that nervous-happy teenage energy that so many of us experienced back in the 2010s. The idea of being in the same space as a crush, hoping to be noticed. It takes us back to those parties with mutual friends and being afraid even to lock eyes. It seemed like the most make-or-break feeling in the world back then. It was exhilarating. This track is relatable for me personally in my upper 20s because I often find myself reminiscing about when times were simpler. I think it's a pretty universal feeling that myah manages to uncover when we need it most. "notice you" is a brilliant little break from reality, allowing for comfortable self-reflection in nearly any listener.

Musically, I think "notice you" is a work of art. Its use of Midwest emo guitar riffs paired with soft flowing pad really brings the dreaminess and nostalgia to the forefront. The whole song feels like looking into a memory and reliving it. myah's personable vocals narrate the story, immersing us in our own little bubble of the past. The vocal harmonies further accentuate the chords, continuing to cast that dreamlike haze over the whole sound. I love this idea of pairing story-rich lyrics alongside music that's so easy to listen to. It makes the message of the song so simple to understand and relate to. I think this is a great approach to songwriting and production, and the finished product is fantastic.

Solo artist myah is a multi-genre musician and songwriter originally hailing from South Florida. Her sound is heavily influenced by alternative rock, alt-pop, and pop-punk artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Foxing. myah specializes in writing music about her own life experiences from the point of view of a "cinematic romantic". This style often gives her music that nostalgic charm that we definitely hear in "notice you". In her spare time, myah enjoys skating around town and eating a good croissant. One thing is for sure, myah is not afraid to express herself unabashedly, and I think that's something we can all learn from. You can experience "notice you" for yourself now on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

Written By Shelbi Baker

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