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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Numb You Out" - Lauren Presley

photo cred: Matt Blum (@_mattblum)

Trying to forget about your ex and the memories you two made together fresh after a breakup is rough. Your emotions are all over the place and every little thing reminds you of them. It’s an inevitable feeling that many people go through, which makes it the best song that those going through the same thing can relate to. Lauren refers to these attempts as "numbing", hence the title of the song. She tries various things to calm her emotions down throughout the day whenever she thinks of them. Breakups are hard and it's tough to not think of the person you once saw as your other half, and sit around, cry, or have things pop up during the day that reminds you of them, but the best thing to do now is move forward and grow. However, it’s totally normal to break down and have your moments here and there. It’s bound to happen, and that's what Lauren is trying to share.

Throughout the song, we mainly hear the guitar. But during the chorus, we hear the drums being introduced once she says the title of the song. Here, she breaks down her relatable feelings and emotions after the break up. She talks about wanting to numb her ex out because she hates thinking of them, and shares a couple of things that she’s been doing in order to get rid of these feelings. Some examples are, "We used to say goodnight, but we always left the tv on. Since we said goodbye, I turn it up to forget youre gone”, “Ill go on another date with somebody that I’ll hate by the end of the night", as well as, “I’ve been dosing and hoping it dies in the dark.” And although distracting yourself can temporarily help you, these feelings are still inevitable and make their way back to you, and stick with you for a while. She admits to this by saying, “I can't escape my mind cause you're living in it, wanna keep my distance”, and, “I got these cuts so deep, but nobody to fix ‘em.” Healing is a journey and although the process hurts, it eventually gets better and these feelings are completely normal.

Lauren Presley is a pop singer and songwriter from Redwater, Texas. Her most popular songs are "A Little Longer”, which has over 800,000 plays and “Torturing Myself” with over 200,000 plays. She also has three other songs released, making “Numb You Out” her sixth release. Her songs are inspired by her life experiences and journeys, thus making them relatable for so many to hear and creating connections with her listeners. Follow Lauren’s musical journey with the links below, and make sure to check out her latest single, “Numb You Out”, out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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