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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Obsessions" - Flora Summers

Flora Summers has kicked off her solo career with an unforgettable bang. “Obsessions” details her addictive personality and her innate ability to become overwhelmingly obsessed. Whether it’s with a new partner, a catchy new song, or a favorite book, Summers cannot be a casual fan of something. Instead, she becomes completely enthralled by the subject and unable to let it go. Although the lyrics illustrate a romantic relationship, these words can be applied to multiple things in her life. Summers immediately introduces her obsessive tendencies with the first lines of the track: “I get obsessed with things// I’m so obsessed with you// You are the cigarette to my lungs// Heroin in my blood// All I know// Is that it’s gone too far// For my addict heart// You’re all I want.” These lines not only introduce this idea but are also the only lines in the song where “obsess” and “addict” are utilized. For the remainder of the track, Summers uses poetic metaphors and detailed imagery to describe this obsession, without once uttering the word. This showcases her immaculate songwriting ability to tell a vivid narrative through her insightful storytelling. In the chorus, she explains how deep her addiction is when she sings, “So when you leave// There’s nothing left of me// I’m loving you with all I’ve got// All I’ve got// All I’ve got.” Without her daily fix of this person, she enters severe withdrawal and is unable to be herself without them. She cannot go on with her life and constantly needs them like an addict needs their drugs. She knows its toxic—that this behavior is slowly killing her—and yet she cannot give it up. “Obsessions” beautifully encapsulates the feeling of being completely head over heels infatuated with someone, to the point of hopeless devotion and admiration, through the poetic lyrics and ethereal production.

“Obsessions” perfectly captures the carefree energy of Fleetwood Mac and the whimsical lyricism of Lana Del Rey. The complex, yet soothing production radiates bright like the sun, creating the perfect summertime track. Summers introduces the track by counting the beat in French, before starting the song with the melodic “oohs” that are paired with the bass. The bassline is reminiscent of classic rock, establishing the laidback vibe to the track. In the background, an electric guitar and synth sound effects can be heard, paired with the drums playing the rhythm. While the beat is mainly derived from the snare drum, the guitar plays the chords slowly, strumming to make each individual note prominent. Another guitar sneaks into the background, subtly including an additional riff to the production. The combination of each instrument enhances the classic style of Stevie Nicks while emphasizing Summer’s individualistic sound. Throughout the song, her sweet vocals reel the listener in like a siren, enchanting them with her unique talent. The audience cannot help but want to hear more of her infectious voice and relaxing vibe. “Obsessions” may be Summers’s debut single as a solo artist, yet it flawlessly proves to be a classic that will stand the test of time.

Flora Summers is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Sweden. “Obsessions” is the first release from her upcoming solo debut EP. She is currently working on the EP, which is set to be released later this year. Summers is one-half of the electro pop duo, Isle of You. The duo was nominated for Artist of the Future in Swedish Radio for the P3 Guld Awards. While Summers creates her own solo music under her pseudonym, she continues to release music with Isle of You as Ida Johansson. Through her art, she aspires to create music that is honest and personal—something that is authentically her. Her sound is a beautiful blend of indie-folk and pop, drawing inspiration from other artists from the genre, such as Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, and Angel Olsen.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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