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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Obvious" - Alex Angelo

There's a moment when we realize that we deserve better. We go through things that let us learn from our mistakes and having the strength to not fall back on old comforts when trying to grow is vital. But when we move on from past relationships or overcome struggles, there's always the chance that the other people involved haven't. "Obvious" by Alex Angelo describes himself as being assured of his position in life so he doesn't need to fall back on an old relationship that did him wrong.

This infectious pop track details Angelo realizing that his ex wants him back, but he refuses to let himself fall back into that toxic relationship even if they seem like they've changed. He deems it obvious that his ex is trying all of these tactics to get back together with him, asking in the lyrics why they're dressing themselves up and putting on makeup to impress him. The lyrics, "in the end, I know you're gonna paint me as the enemy" tell listeners that while he knows not getting back into that relationship is the best option, his ex isn't going to see it that way. The building guitar with the first chorus grants intensity to the song, combined with the steady drumbeat lets the track have a nice flow throughout.

Alex Angelo is multi-talented-- being a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ. Growing up in Ohio and born in Florida, Angelo was driven to music from a young age and decided to pursue singing in his teens. Throughout the beginning of his career, Alex Angelo has gone on many tours with big names such as Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, and Jake Miller. Aspiring to grow bigger, in 2019, Angelo showed a lot of progress, working on his skills as a songwriter/producer and getting the chance to show off his new and improved skills in collaborations with people like Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, and more in 2020. Now releasing new music every three weeks, Alex Angelo continues to work on himself through his songs.

Written by Jane Katryn



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