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  • Victoria James

Review: "Ocean Inside of Me" - Luna Keller

If you want to hear a reflective song with deep, naturalistic metaphors and an emotional perspective about struggling with mental health, “Ocean Inside of Me” is worth listening to. In the title track of her upcoming sophomore album, Luna Keller sings about the moment she finally came to terms with her depression. Her notable songwriting skills shine in a song about going through such a dark time. Writing and singing about depression can be a difficult task, but Luna Keller shares her experiences through beautifully crafted metaphors using the ocean, river, forest, and more. Although the meaning of the song is heartbreaking, admitting you have depression, channeling that pain into art, and choosing to share it with the world takes bravery and strength. “Ocean Inside of Me” is a gentle reminder that there is hope, and you will find your way out of the darkness. If you’re feeling alone, “Ocean Inside of Me” is there to comfort you like a hug from a friend.

“Ocean Inside of Me” soothes the soul. The song’s overall sound creates a relaxing atmosphere. Not only are the lyrics poetic, but the harmonies evoke strong emotions like poetry can. The harmonies make the song exceptional because of the added depth and richness. Luna Keller’s unique vocals pair perfectly with the acoustic guitar to create an intimate listening experience. It feels as if she is performing in the room with you. "Ocean Inside of Me” is an indie folk masterpiece. You can tell how important the lyrics are to her because of her intense vocals. Her vulnerability and passion strengthen an already golden track. The soft drums and additional percussion create a comforting aura that remains present throughout the entire song. Her ability to tell her story in such a captivating way solidifies the integrity of her artistry. She tells the truth and sounds heavenly doing so.

Luna Keller is a passionate singer-songwriter who grew up in a musical family. Her musician father helped her improve her guitar skills, and her mother, a singer and piano player, taught her how to sing correctly. She started recording music with her father while still in school and released her first song in 2017. Luna, who moved to Germany from Spain when she was six months old, has a unique musical perspective because she grew up between both cultures. Her music is a mix of singer-songwriter, folk, and pop. She is an independent artist with two EPs and a full-length debut album, “Prophecies And Silver Linings,” released in 2022. Luna Keller uses music as a coping mechanism and even refers to her songs as her friends because of the support they bring her. She hopes her music provides comfort to her listeners as well. Her next album, “Ocean Inside of Me,” is a personal project about her mental health journey and finding herself again.

Written By Victoria James



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