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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Oh Shit!" - Madison Davenport

"Oh Shit," the latest single from Madison Davenport charts the multitalented artist's spiral into syrupy sweet adoration. Pulling from 80's synth-pop and 2000's grunge-pop, the immaculately produced track lives in a cinematic and nostalgic world of its own. The marriage of fluttering synth and rougher bass shouldn't work as well as it does, but it perfectly captures both competing feelings. Her emotional callouses in resisting love come through in the grungier aesthetics, while they're softened by the distinct sparkle and danceable hooks. "God, no! We're just friends," Davenport assures a friend in the song's intro, but the immediate flood of glittering production indicates without words that this is far from the truth. Even when our jaded nature resists, true feeling bleeds through.

"I went and broke the rules I made for us," Davenport admits in the first verse. If one thing is clear, it's that she is getting dragged into love, kicking and screaming. But like the swarm of butterflies on the single's cover art, her true feelings are uncontainable. The clear-eyed songwriting and production prove her to be an artist with undeniable vision for her work. "Oh shit! I think I like you," Davenport shouts in the irresistible chorus. The way she delivers it carries the irrepressible giddiness laced in each expression of frustration. She may not have wanted to fall for this person, but she can't deny just how much joy it brings her.

Madison Davenport's recent foray into music this year is preceded by a prolific career in acting. Her voice has always been her most powerful tool, used in a diverse variety of voice-acting roles in film, television, and video games. This year, she's made her debut into music with the song "Monster." "Oh Shit" follows as her second single, proving her as an unstoppable force. Beginning her artistic career at such a young age has given Davenport the experience and polish uncommon for someone so young. If one thing is clear, it's that she still has plenty of surprises left in her career.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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